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Gathering Information Essay

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A problem I have encountered in my past was one of my buddys gave me a call and said he was having technical problems with his computer I asked him what it was and try to explain to me briefly what it was doing. He couldn’t really explayin on the phone what the problem was. So I went over to his house to check out the problem. His computer wouldn’t boot it kept on going to the blue screen. I tried everything I could on my part and couldn’t figure out what the real problem ...view middle of the document...

I got on my computer and went onto some forums for his model computer and got into the details of what was going on with his computer. So in this problem I used step one. It helped me because I was able to collect and analyze the real problem with his computer, I made a post on the forums and got responses winthin twenty minutes. The problem was with his computer that his hard drive somehow got fried nobody knows how in the world this happened so we had to go to the local computer store and buy a new hard drive and a new operating system disc so I could get his computer running again. I installed the hard drive into the computer and booted the drive to the operating system disc. We got the computer back on and running and I installed a few programs to make sure that this issue will not happen again. He was very happy that I got his computer back up and running because he uses it for a lot of things. Like work homework etc etc. I leaned toward the real problem and figured out what needed to be done to it and resolved everything. With the help of a few simple steps of going to a resource on the internet and figuring out and asking a few people what is going on with his computer, and I resolved everything. We got everything up and running and he was satisfied and gave me a couple dollars and we went our separate ways.

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