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Gandhi Essay

1317 words - 6 pages

Brothers Menaechmus Script
Erotium enters stage left. Menaechmus enters stage right. They bump shoulders.
Menaechmus, my dear menny-boy, why are you outside when my home is open to you love. Everything is set as you requested. My maids and servants have decorated the house and perfumed the apartment all to your request.
To whom is this woman addressing herself?
Why, I'm talking to yourself.
What business have I ever had with you?
Menny, as cupid has demanded we are fated to be together. You alone fill my soul with such love and happiness.
For sure this woman is either mad or drunk, Is she ...view middle of the document...

Even still do I deny it. Listen, I never had a wife, nor have I ever set my foot here within New York since I was born. I had breakfast in the business class of a plane; then I came down this street, and here I met you.
See that now; I'm undone, wretched creature that I am! Now please don’t leave off by making fun of me, and step this way with me.
... madam, you are looking for some other person, I don’t know whom, but it is not me.
Don't I know you, Menaechmus who was born in New Jersey where governor Christie reigned, and after that attended Boston College and were in the Carroll School?
madam, what you say is true.
Aside It’s getting interesting. Now I think she must not be denied. I’ll go along with it for some entertainment and perhaps I will be able to take some advantage of this situation.To Erotium hahaha I am sorry I was just kidding before. I was afraid someone might hear us and tell my wife about the fur coat. Now if you please madam, let’s go in doors.
why my love, lets go enjoy the breakfast.
That would be splendid. But about the fur coat, I would be afraid if my wife were to ever see you wearing it around and recognize it instantly. I have a great tailor who could alter and fix it up for you to really bring out your figure.
Then take it away with you right now, when you go away.
By all means.
Let's go in-doors. Goes into her house.
Exit Stage Right Together

Enter a MAID-SERVANT from stage left door. Menaechmus is standing in center stage

MAID-SERVANT of Erotium.
Menaechmus, Erotium says that she trusts you much. She wants you to take this to the goldsmith's, and add to it an ounce in weight of gold, and order the rollexto be fashioned anew. Gives him a rollex.
Tell her that I'll attend to both of these and anything else that she shall wish.
MAID-SERVANT of Erotium.
Do you know what this rollex is?
I don't know, I only know it’s made of gold.
MAID-SERVANT of Erotium.
This is the same one that you once said that you had secretly stolen out of the closet from your wife.
Oh my god, I’ve never done such a thing.
MAID-SERVANT of Erotium.
Don’t you remember it?
Not in the least.
MAID-SERVANT of Erotium.
Give it me back then, if you don't remember it. Tries to take it.
Hold on. Pretends to...

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