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Gaming Case Study

1380 words - 6 pages

This research is for academic purposes only. It forms part of my PhD. All responses are strictly confidential and for research purposes only.

Gaming Questionnaire

Name (optional):
| |

| |

|Under 18 |18-21 |21-25 |25-30 |30-35 |Over 35 |
| | | | | ...view middle of the document...

| |

1st ever gaming device?
| |

How old were you?
| |

Reason 4 purchase?
| |
| |
| |

Who bought it?
| |

Favourite game?
| |

| |
| |
| |

Approx hours of gaming a week on one type of console:

| |

|Less than 5 |5-10 |10-20 |20-30 |More than 30 |
| | | | | |

Approx hours of gaming a week on all:

|Less than 5 |5-10 |10-20 |20-30 |More than 30 |
| | | | | |

Approx hours of TV viewing a week:

|Less than 5 |5-10 |10-20 |20-30 |More than 30 |
| | | | | |

Favourite TV channel?
| |

Favourite programme?
| |

Do you agree with these statements?

i.e. I often eat salad with my main meal

|1. strongly agree|2. agree |3. partly agree/sometimes|4. neither agree |5. partly |6. disagree |7. strongly |
| | | ...

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