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Future Trends In Public Administration Essay

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Future Trends Impacting Public Administration


Excellent public administration and management of public entities has always been the major responsibility of public officials and administrators of public funds. Throughout the years, the public administration has encountered many challenges and changes that impact the overall society. As the world evolve into new alternatives as is technology and changes in public policy, the administration of such evolves and changes as well. This paper intent to provide the reader with future trends and social changes impacting public administration as well as future public policy challenges for public administration.

Future Trends

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As the demand for services increases, expectations from the public also increases and the public expect better services for health care, education, and social services (Barber, Levy, & Mendonca, 2007).

Social Changes

It is well know that people are not always treated fairly and with equality as others. Constant demands for equality that goes back to the 1960’s led for the continuation of civil rights and social equality demand. Many laws and policies have been established throughout decades in order to increase social changes and equality to all. Public services should be delivered to all equally regardless of personal traits (Shafritz, Russell & Borick, 2012). Public administrators and elected officials should ensure that laws, regulations and policies are implemented and followed (Frederickson, 2005). But even though public administrators are for the implementation of laws and policies that provide social equality, the truth is that still today, we see how people are treated not equal, unfair, and without justice. “All of the contemporary social equity research and data seem to indicate that the terrain of social equity has shifted from more-or-less exclusive concentration on the equity issues of minorities to broad consideration of how to achieve social equity in the context of growing disparity between the haves and have-nots, recognizing that minorities constitute a disproportionate percentage of the have-nots” (Frederickson, 2005, p. 34).

According to Frederickson (2005) “The concentration of poor African Americans, and to a lesser extent Latinos, in low-income urban areas has had a spiraling effect on inequality as the basic elements of opportunity—access to good schools, jobs, transportation, housing, and safety—have become largely unavailable to residents of these neighborhoods” (p. 35). In other words, the fact that people are concentrated in certain areas allows for the services provided by public policy to be proven as ineffective, because the system allows for separation and segregation of certain people demonstrating inequality. “Large-scale federal government policies such as public housing, transportation, welfare reform, and educational reform have tended either to be ineffective or to exacerbate the problems of inequality” (Frederickson, 2005, p. 35).

For the future of public administration and public policy, it is recommended that public administrators enforce social changes to avoid continuance of social inequality. It is truth that there are many services provided to the public, but it is also truth that not everyone is treated equally and do not receive the same quality of services. In order to make changes in society and to at least demonstrate the intent of helping and improving the overall social equity, more research, statistics, benchmark and indicators should be done to identify areas and opportunities to provide equal services (Frederickson, 2005).

Future Policy Challenges

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