Future Statement Essay

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Future Statement
For this report I am to write of a technology that I could see evolving in the near future and so the technology I could possibly see becoming widespread is micro chip implantation , able to store, transmit, and capture data in real time with other chips or servers like using your identification or even a debit card to even a hand held gps unit and compacting it all into a chip the size of a eraser and implanting it into a humans limb now ...view middle of the document...

Now Society as a whole might clash with this concept at first due to some fundamental human traits such as invasion of privacy, This chip if left unchecked could function the same as a gps unit and give someone the ability to track individuals making such things as missing person’s would be much easier to find.
The second impact would be Economy. This could change everything we know about current banking practices by allowing your banking information to implanted on this micro chip and injected in to yourself so that instead of swiping a card your data is automatically registered and updated with your actual bank to route funds and make payments and deposits.
The third and final impact I could foresee is Politics. Now imagine a world where your personal and life data is stored on your body and can be accessed there would surely be very little information that could not be accessed either by malicious ways or by honest inquiry. So that scandals become common knowledge and actually might make humanity as a whole to air out our problems if there’s no way to hide all the bad issues that arise so no more scandals by politics all of a sudden being aired by the news . If its all in the open would you be inclined to coming something bad?

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