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Functions Of School Essay

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Function of School

According to McNergney and Herbert (2001)

1. The intellectual purposes of schooling include the following; to teach basic cognitive skills such as reading writing, and mathematics; to transmit specific knowledge.
2. The political purposes of schooling are to inculcate allegiance to the existing political order (patriotism); to prepare citizens who will participate in the political order; to help assimilate diverse cultural groups into a common political order; and to teach ...view middle of the document...

4. The economic purposes of schooling are to prepare students for their later occupational roles and to select, train, and allocate individuals into the division of labor. Whereas the degree to which schools directly prepare students for work vanes from society to society most schools have at least an indirect role in this process.

Multiple Function of School
By Yin Cheong Cheng (1996)

1. Technical/economic Functions = They refer to the contribution of schools to the technical or economic development and needs of the individual, the institution, the local community, the society, and the international community.
2. Human/social function = They refer to the contribution of schools to human development and social relationship at different levels of the society.
3. Political function = they refer to the contribution of schools to the political development at different levels of society.
4. Cultural functions = they refer to contribution of schools to the cultural transmission and development at different levels of society.

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