Functions Of Management Essay

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Functions of Management
The success of a business greatly depends on the quality of the management within an organization. Management is an integral part to any business and organization. Management is the act of getting individuals to work together to achieve common goals or objectives. Management consists of four primary functions: planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. In this paper, I will discuss each function while providing an explanation of how each function relates to the organization for which I am employed by.
Currently, I am working as a hairstylist for a large and well known hair salon chain retailer. I have been in the cosmetology industry for over five years ...view middle of the document...

Each salon manager reports to one of three general managers that the franchise owners have hired to over see all of their salons. Effective and efficient planning is so important in management because it lays the foundation for the other functions of management. Planning is the function that allows organizations to identify and analyze current situations, anticipate the future, determine objectives, decide the activities the company will engage in, and determine the resources needed to achieve the goals and strategies of the organization (Bateman & Snell, 2009). It is my opinion after working in this salon for over a year, the salon owners are more concerned about expanding and making more money than making sure that each salon is running as efficiently as possible. The general managers are doing the best they can, but they are spread too thin over the number of salons the owners have put them in charge of to be effective and useful. If the owners were really concerned about their salons they would take a better look at the planning function of management and reevaluate their salon needs in order to build a successful company in long run.
The organizing function of management is the process where resources are assembled and coordinated to meet an organizations’ goals and strategies. Management uses organization to attract people to the company, specify job responsibilities, allocate resources, and foster conditions so employees perform at their best while working together as whole (Bateman & Snell, 2009). If the planning function of management is lacking then the organizing function of management will also suffer. As stated earlier, there has been a great deal of change that has occurred within the salon I work for and it has been extremely frustrating as an employee because there is such a high level of confusion between the general...

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