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Functions Of Interest Essay

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Using tools such as Career Plan Building Activity: Work Culture Preferences, Career Plan Building Activity: Competencies, and Career Builder Interest definitely furthers my career. They can expect to find: a summary of at least two functional areas of business of interest to me; an explanation of what my role as a manager would be in the functional areas of Success, and two articles. Knowing my habits as learned in assessments contributes to a winning company.

Two functional areas of business of interest
First, I want to begin by saying a function is the purpose for which something exists. Functional areas of business of interest are similar to departments in a large corporation. Those departments consist of Human Resources, Customer Service, Marketing/Sales, Research and Development, Production/Operations, and Administrative/Support. The initial functional area of business that I would pay close attention to is Human Resources. I have learned that it is extremely imperative that Success has a close relationship with employees and customers because the clients are what make a company triumphant along with stakeholders such as vendors and suppliers and employees of Success.
Success’s other functional area of business is Administrative/Support. I have an area of expertise in the Administrative/Support department. I am MOS (Microsoft) Office Certified in
Microsoft products: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007. CodyS helps me to know what
the administrative/support area requires: Administrative support is a broad term that
describes any job with the primary purpose of helping execute any number of day-to-day
operations at a business. Numerous job types fall under into the category of
administrative support. Secretaries, administrative assistants, personal assistants,
receptionists, and office managers and order clerks. Typical administrative support
duties include: scheduling meetings or conferences, answering phones, and making
copies (1999-2013).

Me as a manager
Second, I would like to begin by learning a manager’s responsibilities. A manager is somebody who is responsible for directing and controlling the work and staff of a business, or of a department within it. I wish to resume my position as entrepreneur/business starter and financer. I also know from experience that in the event a manager cannot fulfill his or her duties; then, someone must become the manager until a replacement is available. An administrative manager provides administrative decision-making, support, and leadership. She must oversee the workings of the back office personnel, including the clerks, typists, coders, and assistants (Owens, 1999-2013).
Human resources managers have a more difficult task to complete than administrative support managers. Human resources managers closely work with stakeholders- Customers particularly wire harness manufacturers for different industries; Vendors and suppliers, including raw material, electronics, machined...

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