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Functions Of A Business Essay

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Functional Areas of Business

Brittanie Nye

MGT 521

April 4, 2014
Doris Blanton

Functional Areas of Business

There are four main management functions within a business: planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. Planning is the “management function that involves setting goals, establishing strategies for achieving those goals, and developing plans to integrate and coordinate activities." Organizing “involves arranging and structuring work to achieve the Organization’s goals”. Leading involves working with and through people to achieve organizational goals. Controlling is the “management function that involves monitoring, comparing, and correcting work ...view middle of the document...

In addition to creating departments, the managers need to establish relationships between the separate departments to ensure that the information flows seamlessly.


The manager’s role in planning involves setting goals and creating strategies to reach the companies goals. Planning also involves developing the plans to incorporate and coordinate activities. The main function of the manager in the planning function is to provide direction for the employees. By providing direction to the employees, it helps ensure that everyone is together concerning the goals of the business. It is important to have everyone on the same goal path for the business. The planning function of a manager entices the manager to think ahead and create contingency plans to offset any changes (Robbins 205).


The manager’s role in leading, involves working with and influencing others to accomplish the goals of the business. In order for a manager to influence others, there are a few traits that are ideal for a manager to have. Managers should ideally be driven and motivated to meet the needs of the business. Managers should have a desire to lead and influence team members, as well as being honest and possessing high levels of moral integrity. Managers are ideally self-confident and have the ability to gather, analyze and interpret information to create visions, solve problems, and make decisions. Managers should also have a high level of knowledge pertaining to the business and future plans (Robbins, 461). When leading the manager needs to know how to motivate and drive many different types of people. By keeping the team motivated and being a good leader the manager can improve the business in many areas. Such as increase employee productivity and morale. They also can reduce absenteeism, employee turnover and misbehavior (Robbins, 374). In an article by Kumarasinghe and Hoshino, people who perceive their managers as “collectivistic, group decision making and fast two-way communication were commonly in practice, and this contributed to high quality, better service, innovation, new idea proposals and employee satisfaction” (Kumarasinghe & Hoshino, 2010). However, motivation is not the only aspect of leading. The manager is also in charge of hiring a new employee, terminating an employee, and training new and existing employees. Training new and existing employees is crucial in maintaining the employee’s knowledge of new policies, product knowledge, and new goals or achievements for the company.


The manager’s role in controlling involves monitoring, comparing and correcting work performance. To ensure that the needs of the...

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