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Functional Areas Of Business Paper

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Functional Areas of Business Paper
Christina M Williams
August 3, 2015
Lloyd Krieger

Functional Areas of Business Paper
Many companies base their organizational structures on various functional areas, creating departments around these functions and assigning responsibilities according to employees' job titles and experience. A functional organizational structure groups employees by various skills and expertise, leading to greater efficiency. Some of these areas include management, law, human resources, leadership, accounting, finance, economics, research and statistics, operations management, marketing, and strategic planning.
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“Many organizations today have therefore implemented an organizational entity, the project management office (PMO), to achieve project management oversight, control, support, and alignment. The PMO's role is to help both the project manager and the relevant organization (whether an entire enterprise, a business unit, or a department) to understand and apply professional practices of project management, as well as to adapt and integrate business interests into the project management efforts” (Hill, G. M. (2004).
As you can see, the role of project manager uses many of the functional areas of business. The project manager starts from the beginning of the project and goes all the way until the project is completed. The project manager not only manages, but they also need to know the laws, and finances, along with having great leadership and human resource qualities. Research and statistics will help keep the project on track. Economics, operations management, and marketing are all strong areas as to where a project manager could see themselves when setting up the goals for the tasks at hand.
The human resources department handles hiring employees and making sure the employees get the proper training so that they can perform their job duties. Human resource managers have employees complete the proper forms and make sure that the employee understands what type of job responsibilities they are going to have. Human resources are also a great place for customer service skills. Human resources is usually the first department an employee is exposed to when entering an organization. It is also the job of the managers of the department to let the human resource department know what they are looking for in an employee. The marketing department determines the products that their organization is introducing whether it’s a product or a service to the marketplace, often using marketing research surveys to determine what potential consumers want or need. This department helps the organization to align better its strategies. The marketing department helps to establish prices for products, based on the manufacturing costs. The managers and/or directors decide which types of advertising and promotions their companies use. Customer service representatives answer calls or in-person requests from customers. Some customers may want additional information about a product or service;...

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