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Victorian Values
Humanities 345-BXH-03
Ethical Values

Instructor: Susan Bayley

Semester: Fall 2000

Office: 3D.7. Phone: 931-8731 local 1288. Office hours as posted outside 3D.7

Course Objectives:
1) to introduce students to the value system of the Victorian era (1837-1901)
2) to identify the moral beliefs, issues and contradictions which existed in the Victorian period.
3) to study the influence of ethical values on the life and work of the Victorians
4) to compare the Victorian value system with our own so that students can perceive the relativity of values and examine their own moral sense from a new perspective
5) to demonstrate that ethics are historical and social constructions

Course Standards:
On completion of this course, students should be able to:
1) describe the major ethical values of Victorian society, e.g. social and sexual division,
religion, ...view middle of the document...

The collectible is an item researched and created by the student in the Victorian style.

Research paper outline and bibliography (due September) 10%
Research paper (due mid-October) 20%
Mid-semester test 20%
Final test (late November) 20%
Collectible (item and short esssay due early December) 20%
Annotation of readings 10%

Tardiness in submitting papers is penalized by appropriate deduction of marks depending on the degree of lateness. The instructor reserves the right to deduct up to five marks for a late assignment.

Competencies cultivated in this course include:
1) the four linguistic skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing
2) an ability to follow, assemble and criticize arguments
3) an ability to absorb and assess information from written, oral and visual sources
4) an awareness of the historical dimension of ethical issues

Standards of Performance:
This course requires students to demonstrate three types of knowledge:
1) factual, i.e. accuracy in defining and describing the major values of the Victorian era
2) critical, i.e. precision in identifying the complexities and contradictions inherent in these values
3) heuristic, i.e. ability to pursue independent investigations of ethical issues

Cheating and Plagiarism:
The College's cheating and plagiarism policy is strictly enforced in this course. Please read the policy in the College's Calendar. Cheating or plagiarism is penalized in this course by a mark of zero for the test or assignment. Further infractions can result, at the instructor's discretion, in failure of the course.

Required Readings:
Bayley, S. ed. Victorian Values. Manual of readings prepared by the instructor and available from the Dawson College Bookstore. 140 pp.
Wilde, Oscar. "The Importance of Being Ernest." ed. Roy Blatchford. Harlow, Essex: Addison Wesley Longman, 1991. 1st. pub. 1895. Available from the Dawson College Bookstore. 61pp.

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