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Friends Essay

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In a world of hyper-connectivity obsessed and driven by technology that knows no boundaries, what is happening to true friendship? Is it fading away? Or simply redefining or changing our contemporary notion of friendship by these social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn. If so, what are the implications for life as we know it? Will we be happier? Humans are social beings, ever since we are born links are created, first with our family then with other people close to us, some of them start to become important to us and with maturity friendship starts to arise. Nowadays social interaction became even bigger with globalization, communication became more immediate, but yet more superficial. ...view middle of the document...

Social media plays a big role in our daily life; we keep in touch with our loved ones and get to know about what others are doing “enhancing” our social lives. However, this make us think about how real and meaningful is our social life on the web. The people we pretend to be on social media is not the ones we are on real life, this being one of the major issue with the modern social relationships we develop these days. When communication is not personal it can be manipulated easily, allowing the sender to direct the message just the way he intends to. Loosing emotions and meaning in the process, different that what can be seen on real conversations and interactions.

Researchers of Harvard university who performed a study during 2013 based on teenagers, concluded that social media is indeed affecting the way kids look at friendship and intimacy these days. The average teenager has about 300 Facebook friends and about 79 Twitter followers. And some have many more. The 2013 study also states that the norms around privacy are changing, and that most of these teens would post photos and personal information about themselves for all their on-line “friends” to see.

Social Media in deed has changed the meaning and definition of friends. Just as media interaction and consumption has disjointed with new technology, so has our relationships and how we define them. Best friends will always be there for their peers; however, social media has permitted people to cast a wider net personally as well as professionally, thus expanding or evolving who we might consider a friend.

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