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Friday Everything Changed Essay

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Daniel Gee
                                                                                                                                      May 5, 2016
                                                                                                     Block: 5

           Gender Inequality in “The Friday Everything Changed”

In the short story “The Friday Everything Changed”, Alma Niles, a girl who is well-liked
among her peers is joined by many other girls such as Minnie Halliday and Doris Pomeroy to
rise against tradition and decided to defy the rule: That getting water for the class was a boy's
The story is trying to tell us that gender should never be something that should ...view middle of the document...

On that fateful Friday, Alma ask the teacher Miss Ralston “Why can't girls go for the water
too? “Silence filled the room instead of a spark of uproar where everyone instead of just bursting
out laughing at Alma right away. This act of righteousness triggers the boys in the class and they
start to bully Alma but, the girls stood up to the boys and protected her. The following Monday,
the bullying persisted as the boys did not allow the girls to play softball with them but, either
way the girls had to wait for the boys to pick out who they want on their team and force the girls
to play outfield demonstrating gender inequality. Another example of gender inequality would be
when only the boys get to carry the water and the girls stay at school and do work because the
boys are stronger than the girls. This makes it unfair towards the girls as they have to stay in
school and work while the boys get to be able to skip school for a bit to collect water from a
well. To end it all off, when Miss Ralston hits a home run in softball into the ox pasture which
happens around once a year, it breaks the illusion that only boys can play ball or do hard work
that generally limits girls .
In conclusion to this short story, The girls come together and fight for what’s right and it pays
off. The Teacher considers what they are doing, stands up for them and creates the ability for the
girls to carry the water as well as the boys. The most important decision was when Alma Niles
put up her hand and asked why girls couldn’t go for water as well. While the second most
important decision was  because Miss Ralston had decided that girls could complete a task just as
well as boys could.

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