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Based on the topic above, free tertiary education should be provided by the Malaysian government for all Malaysians because it gives a lot of benefits to the youths as well as to the nations. Education is the one of the most important elements in the development of a country.
First of all, free tertiary education can ensure that the rights for all Malaysians to access for education are preserved. It has been mention in the Malaysian Federal Constitutions that all ...view middle of the document...

There will be more opportunities provided for the youths to further their studies in higher education which will also enhanced the healthy competition among students to enroll into universities. The higher education institutions in our country will compete with each other to provide the best facilities and services to the students for their convenience.
Moreover, free tertiary education will contribute indirectly to the process of developing the nation. This is because more professionals and experts in important field is produced, which will boost the development of the country. The economy of the nation is also increased due to the expertise that are owned by the Malaysian citizens.
Finally, free tertiary education provided by the government can also help to increase the rate of literacy among the Malaysian citizens. This is because as more educated people are produced, thus the rate of literacy increases. The ability to read and write among Malaysians is crucial for the nation to become a developed country in the year 2020. Therefore, vision 2020 can only be achieved if the literacy rate among Malaysians is high.
In conclusion, I strongly agree that the Malaysian government should provides free tertiary education because it gives a lot of benefits to individuals as well as to the nation.

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