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The saying “More Money More Problems” has many meanings to it but, it

is absolutely true People tend to get greedier or, often act selfish when they

receive a ton of money. More celebrities in this modern time as the

celebrities say “Keep Up With The Jones” (this meaning is trying to say that people

want to keep up on what’s new in life like for ...view middle of the document...

Gatsby in the time that he lived he lived in a horrible world in the

book people would spend their money without putting any sense into it but when

Gatsby’s area of time was around police did not really care or they really did not

have many laws.

source: (video we saw in class) and book

The parallels in The Great Gatsby setting compared with the modern

athletes they are both very, alike both talk about similar things like hard times

also getting very successful and in the end, ending up in a tight spot like for

example, on the online article “NFL players bankrupt” it talks about getting a

huge amounts on their check and then getting bad invests then, talks about

athletes getting divorces. Like Daisy and Tom they have been having prob

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