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Franklin D. Roosevelt Essay

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Franklin D. Roosevelt

Early Life and Education
Early Life: Franklin D. Roosevelt was born on January 30, 1882. He was the only child in his family. He was so sick that he almost didn’t survive, and his worried parents held off naming him for two months. The family lived in Springwoods, their estate in the Hudson River Valley in New York State. His parents James Roosevelt and Sara Delano loved him very much, because that was the only child they could have. Franklin’s family was a very wealthy family. They had made their fortunes in real estates and trades. He’s family would travel a lot around the world. Most of the trips were to European countries of Europe that had exposed him to ...view middle of the document...

Also through the New Deal the government refinanced mortgages. The New Deal also provided many more projects and programs to alleviate the suffering. 13 million people were out of work, and an estimated 34 million Americans had no income whatsoever. People in Iowa and Minnesota told themselves to prevent banks from foreclosing on their farms.
Social Society: The Social Security act was created in 1935 the nation’s first pension systems for the elderly, was funded by payroll tax on employees and employers. On January 17, 1935 Franklin D. Roosevelt messaged the Congress asking for “Social Society.” The Social Society helped states by providing aid to children, blind, and senior citizens that didn’t qualify for Social Security. F.D.R expressed conquered for “young people who have came to wonder what would be there lot when they came to old age.” In 2002, more than $453 billion was spent on social security benefits. Nearly 46 million people received a social security benefit.

Being a President
Being elected: In 1932 Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected as a president. When he got elected banks were...

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