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Frank And Lillian Gilbreth Scientific Management Studies

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Andrea Moore
PSYC 320-001
January 19, 2012

Frank and Lillian Gilbreth Scientific Management Studies

The Gilbreths studies were great contributions to not only scientific management, but to the modern world we live in today. They were innovative, and efficient in all aspects of life. Their values and ideals were influences by their unique and fulfilled lives, enriched with the responsibility of caring for twelve children. Certainly, Frank and Lillian had a lot on their hands, so they had to always find the best way to function as a very large family. Therefore, the Gilbreths instilled their main goal, to search for the one best way to organize and execute, into studies of work flows and processes. Their ultimate purpose was to insure quality work performance and satisfaction ...view middle of the document...

By placing the micro chronometer next to the worker in the film camera’s field of vision and attaching a flashing strobe light to the worker’s hands to better identify the direction and sequence of key movements, the Gilbreths could use film to detect and precisely time even the slightest, fastest movements” (Towill).
This study focused on the value of time in regards to dealing with people lives. It illustrated the large amounts of time a surgeon would use wasting to switch and retrieve surgical instruments during surgery procedure. In response to the problem, the Gilbreths implemented the use of nurses to aid surgeons during surgery. The Gilbreths improved productivity tremendously. Today, this practice is still used in healthcare to its utmost efficiency.
This study is surely a practice of scientific management, and time and motion. It provides efficient results to the hospital workplace issues, which are supported by theory and data. It also shares the responsibility of the work between the nurses and doctors, to insure proper productivity. The Gilbreths study demonstrates observation, and measures productivity of the doctors to support the key principles of scientific management, and time and motion. The Gilbreths have laid the foundation for better efficiency, and provided theory to help us further their ideals to ultimately create a projective future.


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