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France Logistics Industry Essay

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Briefly describe the logistics industry in this country and the workforce
According to The World Bank Logistics Performance Index, the logistics industry in France is ranked number 13 compared to 160 countries, measuring at 3.85. Their highest ranking indicator was that of timeliness which may be contributed to their vast transportation infrastructure. Important segments within their logistics industry is wholesale and retail trade, transportation, accommodations and food services. Within industry, the manufacturing, mining and quarrying segment represents 12.8 percent and construction accounts for 6 percent of total GDP. Agriculture contributes 2 percent to GDP. Yet, France is the second ...view middle of the document...

They have a fleet of 6 million handling units along with 11,200 employees of 71 different nationalities in 37 countries. Over 7 thousand of those employees are staffed in Western Europe and the Mediterranean. The French nationality accounts for 43.62% of the workforce and the other nationalities represent 4.1%. GEFCO has provided the manufacturer's inbound and outbound logistics for 60 years. GEFCO's strategy is based on three strategic areas of expertise which are inbound overland logistics, outbound automotive logistics, and overseas. This expertise also includes a variety of services such as administrative formalities, customs and tax representation. They offer door-to-door logistics solutions in the international market by being present in 150 countries, offering a multimodal transport range combining all modes of transport being road transport, sea, rail and air.
Bansard International opened its doors in 1963 originally offering road transport in Europe. With the head office in Orly located in France, Bansard has 12 other locations throughout France and many others located in various parts of the United States, Africa, China, and Asia. They currently have 312 employees and have business revenue totaling 142 million euros in 2012. Bansard has shipped over 23000 tons through air freight and over 31000 twenty foot containers through sea freight. Bansard provides 72% of Europe’s logistical support by air, sea and road. Their services include import, export, consolidation and door-to-door of air and sea freight, international road, logistics, and customs.
SNCF Geodis (formerly known as SNCF Transport and Logistics) is the division of the SNCF group responsible for freight transportation and logistics. SNCF Geodis is a state-owned enterprise, classified as an Établissement public à caractère industriel et commercial (EPIC). SNCF's subsidiaries and participations which are led by SNCF Geodis, are grouped in the holding company Transport et Logistique Partenaires, which is a subsidiary of SNCF Participations. Headquartered in Clichy France,
Norbert Dentressangle is a major European transport, logistics, and freight forwarding company that was founded in 1979,...

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