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Four Functions Of Management Essay

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Four functions of management

There are four functions to management. These four functions are essential to the management process and are as stated planning, organizing, leading and controlling. The four functions of management are utilized by the management team to achieve the vision of the company of the management team. Each function of management has a specific reason for the use.
Planning is the first function of management. Planning is basically the preparation of a specific course of action. In the planning of an action they management team sets specific objectives or goals ensuring they are detailed in their planning and within their vision for the project while ensuring they ...view middle of the document...

Organizing activities includes all resources and the majority of company resources are budgeted funds, employees and assets.
Leading is another important function in the management process. Leading is what a manager does to ensure that the tasks are completed. A good manager needs to also be a good leader because the tasks not only are required to be done but leading also entails that they are completed in a timely manner and up to specifications to be in line with the objective of the project or task at hand. However leading can be exist without proper organizing and planning prior to the delegation of the tasks. Though each specific manager has different styles of leading the basics need to be included in the style which is to ensure they communicate the expectations and follow up on the progress while continuing to motivate the employees. The leading then leads into the last management function which is controlling.
The controlling function basically involved and associated with the previous three functions. Controlling entails setting up and implementing the specific standards in regards to performance, productions and time constraints. In controlling the production and performance are monitored and reported back to determine if there are any needed changes that need to be implemented to make the project run smoother or if they need to change their resources to better the reach the objectives such as maybe changing personnel around to meet deadlines.
I work in the manufacturing business and one...

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