Four External And Six Internal For Developing An Itegrated Information Management System

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The function and importance of the four external and six internal considerations for developing an integrated information management system for a Human Service Organization.

When designing an information management system, it is important to use enough data and information that is needed, yet be able to control how much of the information is too much, and retrieve unnecessary data, which can result in information overload. Subsystems were put in place in order to better ...view middle of the document...

The secondary system operates other units within the organization that have the different subsystems. So what we have is an effective system that incorporates both internal and external into one single system.
The external: Political Environment- Funding sources, contributors, referral sources.
Sociological Aspects- Types of people in community, age, gender, ethnic groups, ect.
Economic Aspects- Expectations from regulatory bodies, Board of Directors
Technological Needs- Agents tracking of technological and professional advancements.
The Internal: Organizational Purposes-The factors and variables needed to track the agencies progress
Organizational Planning-Goals and objectives, strategic and program plans
Organizational Operations-performance expectations within the department, program, and units.
Human Resources-Reports required, data and information on staff qualifications, licensing, certification, staff development and training
Technical Resources-Computer hardware, software, communication equipment, new developments
Financial Resources-Keeping track of revenues/expenditures, cash flow, and indications of financial problems.

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