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Foundations For Unviersity Success Essay

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Foundations for University Success
March 19, 2013
The writing process is a very useful tool in which many people, including me, use. It has been around for many years. It is a process in which people can express themselves, tell a story, or just explain what’s on their mind. If you follow the writing process then it will help improve your education, thus being able to write effectively as a student. Being able to write a paper, report, or even a presentation effectively while in school will also benefit you in your career choice. All of these traits will make you stand out above others who aren’t as knowledgeable or don’t understand the ...view middle of the document...

“If you're just sitting around saying that you want to be a concert pianist, but you're not taking lessons and you don't even have a piano in your house-that's not a real dream, that's a fantasy” Cain, J. D. (1996, 04). Setting your career goals. Essence, 26, 54. To me, this quote means that a person shouldn't just set a goal expecting it to come to them, but for them to achieve that goal they have set.

Ethical Lens Inventory
Ethics is having knowledge in what is right and what is wrong in life. Inside Ethics lies critical thinking. This is an important trait that all people must use in everything they do "If students are to function successfully in a highly technical society, then they must be equipped with the lifelong learning and thinking skills necessary to acquire and process information in an ever-changing world.” Cotter, Amanda J,M.S., N.R.E.M.T.-P. (2007). DEVELOPING CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS. EMS : Emergency Medical Services Magazine, 36(7), 86. What Amanda Cotter is saying, is that everything is constantly changing, and if you want to adapt and live in this world, then you must have the right skills to do so. The main skill is critical thinking. In the ethical lens assignment during this course, I found that I was a mixture of many things and always seemed to change. The traits were all correct and I seem to take a more rational approach on things without going with my instincts first. I believe it helps me make decisions in a timelier manner. I then found out that I may be causing problems with people unintentionally with the decisions I make. In order to avoid this issue and improve my critical thinking skills, I can always ask if others around me are okay with my decisions and then get a second opinion. After asking others, I could then apply my way of doing something, yet keep other peoples thoughts into consideration. Once I complete my decision making I would check with others again to make sure I didn’t cause any problems.

University Resources
In academic success, it is important that you use the tools given to you. Not only should you use them, but find other tools along the way in order to help you succeed in your education. One big thing that I use in school is Google. Thus using this tool, a person can find just about anything from math equations, all the way up to finding personal information about people. I will be using the Plagiarism Checker located within the University of Phoenix Library. With the plagiarism tool, I can submit a...

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