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Fostering Physical Activity In Children Essay

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Researchers seek to gain understanding of phenomenon through observations and interviews in a given setting - and in the analysis to faithfully communicate to others the results of their study. The key is for the researcher to present the understanding from the participants’ perspective and not the researchers. The researcher can also employ outside methods to validate information. All ethical guidelines are applied in the process and participants were made aware of the study. The important ideas of research design and approach were applied in developing and performing the research. Data collection methods that are valid and reliable were applied in the study.

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In addition, other data was looked at with the end result being a mixed method approach. Two preschools were chosen that are within proximity of each other and therefore close in overall resources, family structure/incomes and environments. Each of the two schools had 16 children with an even distribution of boys and girls. The children were between the ages of 4- 5 years old with generally similar experiences and environments. To avoid denying one school or set of children the benefit of physical activity, both schools were awarded an hour of physical activity daily. However, one school received a structured program of physical activity while the other did not. Thus, the independent variable for the study is the level of physical activity. Conversely, the dependent variance will be the health of the children, the relationships and the skills they develop later. The extraneous variable in this study will be parental involvement in encouraging the children to participate in physical activity when they are not at school. Since this variable can’t be controlled by the research, I don’t see it being a factor since the parents of the children live in close proximity and are afforded the same resources such as parks within the community. By selecting children living in one locale, I, in effect eliminated the extraneous variance of parental involvement as the parents will most likely have a comparable similar level of involvement with their children. These variables are the outcomes that depend on the structured physical activities the children are introduced to as mentioned early. Since the qualitative research part of the study requires a “deep dive” in understanding of the phenomenon, my investigation of the participants was detailed to ascertain that all variables and their effects and associations.

Research and Design
For this study, I will apply a mixed methods approach in order to reach a practical knowledge conclusion. Since both qualitative and quantitative approaches might have biasness/weakness that can lead to conclusions that are not very realistic, the mixed method approach will provide more assurance to my simulation conclusion. Another advantage of using the mixed methods is that the practices of both the qualitative and qualitative research methods offer a “checks and balances” element to the research sturdy. The mixed methods will also promote greater understanding of findings because of the broadened reviews of the same study.

The preschool children will be the focus of the research but their parents and teachers will be involved. The parents and teachers can provide instruction that the children will need communicated to them and also contribute in answering questionnaires since they control other variables that will affect the research such as involvement and affording the child opportunities for physical activities. The children chosen for this study were from two schools within 5 miles of each other. Since this is a...

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