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Forklift Policy Essay

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Innovative Concrete Technology

Forklift Policy

July 26, 2011


ICT is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for its employees. Forklift safety is major area of concern in a manufacturing and warehousing environment. The following policy provides the rules that must be followed to operate a forklift for ITC. This policy is now included in ICT’s Standard Operating Procedures.

ITC Policy
• Forklifts must be inspected daily and the inspection form filled out before being operated.
• Immediately inform Alex, Tish and/or your ...view middle of the document...

Okay / Not Okay
5. Check forklift for general damage and document it. Okay / Not Okay
6. Check operator compartment for cleanliness. Okay / Not Okay
7. Check engine oil gauge pressure. Okay / Not Okay
8. Check ammeter (voltage gauge) Okay / Not Okay
9. Check safety equipment (Lights, horn, back up alarm) Okay / Not Okay
10. Check fire extinguisher (Pressure, safety pin, location.) Okay / Not Okay
11. Check brakes (Brake pedal travel, pressure, stopping power.) Okay / Not Okay
12. Check parking brake (When applied does it stop/hold lift?) Okay / Not Okay
13. Check operation (Steering, acceleration) Okay / Not Okay

Explain anything marked “Not Okay” here. Include item number and description of problem or complaint.

Monday Addendum If added, list amount added.

1. Check engine oil level Okay / Added __________________
2. Radiator fluid level Okay / Added __________________
3. Power steering fluid level Okay / Added __________________
4. Transmission fluid level Okay / Added __________________
5. Hydraulic fluid level Okay / Added __________________
6. Battery (Electrolyte levels, terminal connections, damage.
List damage below Okay / Added __________________

• Seatbelts must be used when loading and unloading any delivery trucks or trailers.
• Seatbelts must be used when lifting any loads that may be unstable.
• Seatbelts are recommended for all other situations

Forklift Operations
• Drive forklifts at a safe slow speed. Drive so forklift can be stopped in a safe manner.
• Stunt driving and horseplay is not permitted.
• Pedestrians have the right of way.
• Don’t drive forklifts up to anyone standing in front of a bench, worktable, mixer, shelving or other fixed object.
• Do not stand or walk under the forklift’s forks, whether loaded or empty. Do not allow anyone to walk or stand under the forks.
• Do not allow riders on the forklift
• Do not lift anybody with the forklift
• Blow the horn when entering or exiting the building.
• Blow the horn before driving in reverse.
• Turn your head and look back before driving in reverse.
• If the load is blocking your view get someone to guide you or travel slowly in reverse.
• Keep arms and legs inside the forklift’s compartment area.
• Slow down if floor is wet or slippery.
• Do not run over loose objects. Stop the forklift, lower the forks, put the forklift in neutral, turn the forklift off,...

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