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Forensic Accounting In Practice Essay

1522 words - 7 pages

Assignment 1: Entrepreneurial Leadership
Ericka Bradley
Prof: Bagher Fardanes, Ph.D., MPA
Business 508 Contemporary Business
18 April 2013

The first Five Guys restaurant opened in 1986 in Arlington Virginia founded by Janie and Jerry Murrell The name Five Guys was inspired by Murrell’s five son’s Matt, Jim, Chad, Ben, and Tyler which are currently involved in the business. Matt and Jim travel visiting over 1000 locations, Chad oversees the training of new employees, Ben is in charge of selecting the rapid growing franchisees, and Tyler is in charge of running the bakery department. Most Five Guys restaurants have a simple layout of tables and chairs for dine in customers where there ...view middle of the document...

Five Guys uses 100% peanut oil to cook their french fries which contain less than 0.04% preservatives. Their fries are also thick cut from the best Idaho potatoes and always made to order. Five Guys also offer a certified kosher hot dog and a veggie sandwich for the vegetarians.
Five Guys food prices fluctuate and they do not base their price on anything but margins. They only raise their prices to reflect whatever their food costs are. So if the tomato prices go up then, they increase the price of their product. About five years ago, hurricanes killed the tomato crop in Florida, and prices went from $17 to $50 a case. So Murrell suggested using one slice instead of two, but he was confronted by his sons that "it should be two’. Murrell stated that his sons were right; he was taking away from how the original burger was made, so they stuck with two slices. Five Guys burgers range from $3.89 to 7.69 the little burgers to the regular burgers.
The first Five Guys restaurant opened in 1986 in Arlington Virginia founded by Janie and Jerry Murrell. The name Five Guys was inspired by Murrell’s five son’s Matt, Jim, Chad, Ben, and Tyler which are currently involved in the business. Matt and Jim travel visiting over 1000 locations, Chad oversees the training of new employees, Ben is in charge of selecting the rapid growing franchisees, and Tyler is in charge of running the bakery department.

Most Five Guys restaurants have a simple layout of tables and chairs for dine in customers where there are bags of potatoes stack along the wall for lack of storage space and also peanuts to enjoy while you wait for your order to be ready. The kitchens are open behind the counter which is used for placing and picking up your orders. The restaurant’s décor is simply a layout of red and white checkered tile, because of the owner’s high concentration on the best juiciest burger on a fresh bun and perfect fresh cut fries.

One of Five Guys values is to “Know what you’re good at – and Stick with it “.When they first opened, people asked for coffee. They served coffee, but the problem was that the employee’s that work for them did not have much knowledge about coffee. It was awful! They even tried a chicken sandwich once, but that did not work, either. But other than that, all you are going to get from Five Guys is hamburgers and fries." Because that is what they know. Another one of their values is The Best Salesman is the Customer “Treat a customer right and he will walk out the door and sell for you” Murrell stated. He wanted to let the people know that we put our money into the food that is why the décor is so simple. Another value of Five Guys is Employee Incentives Go a Long Way. Five Guys collects 1.5 % from all of their franchises and give bonuses to the crew members that score the highest on their weekly audits. If the crews get a good score, they will split $1,000 amongst five or six crew members. This is one of my best ethical practices that the Five...

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