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Foreign Language Teaching Essay

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Before teaching a foreign language one must develop pupils’ habits and skills in hearing, speaking, reading and writing. For developing them the psychology of habit and skills should be taken into account. Effective learning depends on memory, so teacher must find the most useful ways to make pupils remember materials. The pupils should try to fix the material in their memory through numerous repetitions. Among all ways of teaching the ...view middle of the document...

It is very important to know why they have chosen particularly this aspect (subject), and what abilities they have.
While teaching a foreign language many problems will be met. For choosing methods of foreign language teaching attention should be paid on aims of teaching a foreign language. Each professional has to know all general problems of foreign language teaching. Nowadays foreign languages are taught at schools, nursery-schools and in order educational institutions. And the teacher must know what to teach and how to teach to provide learners with simple and available information.
Language is a means of communication between people. It is an ocean of knowledge. Language is used by millions of people every minute. It is used in two ways:
For learning a foreign language another important point is how the person’s native language functions. The order important point is that the teacher must translate each detail into the pupil’s mother tongue and compare the two languages.
If pupils make good progress in language skills they become interested in learning the language. They must always hear the language spoken, speak, write and read.

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