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Foreign Assistance Essay

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James Sturgill
April 14,2014
Research Paper: Foreign Assistance
The government needs to solve the problem of wasteful spending in regards to its use of foreign aid. While it has been a practice for the U.S. to provide foreign aid to other countries for national security purposes, wasteful spending in a time when the U.S. already runs a large deficit needs to stop. I recommend the cutting of foreign aid to foreign nations and in turn setting up an economic investment fund aimed to help countries economies specifically; this is the proper policy because humanitarian groups will always help the impoverished and spending money on foreign aid to help corrupt leaders needs to stop.
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Government action in aid is also important because countries rely on the U.S. support to help fund their military and assist the impoverished people in the country.
There are many policy options in terms of foreign aid and how the money should be allocated. One option would be to cut all federal spending. Cutting all federal spending could be positive in the sense that poorer countries would no longer be dependent on foreign assistance. Another positive aspect even though it is only a small percentage of our budget cutting foreign aid provides a cut in the budget in a time when budget cuts are necessary. A negative aspect of cutting foreign aid is the fact that countries are reliant on the United States money and the countries could sink further into poverty. Another negative would be other foreign countries gaining power over poorer countries, which in turn could be used against the United States if a war were to break out.
A second policy option would be to cut military assistance as apart of foreign aid and focus on humanitarian efforts. A positive aspect of this policy is that the U.S. would no longer be supplying weapons to countries that have a long standing history of fighting with other countries in their region, this is especially true in the Middle East. Another positive aspect is that humanitarian efforts may be more beneficial to the United States regarding national security than a continued use of military aid and assistance (Bristol, 2011, p.532). A negative is that humanitarian efforts can only go so far in an unstable country and the threat of force that the military provides can be beneficial. Another negative is that humanitarian work does not necessarily mean economic growth for poor countries because humanitarian spending is aimed at helping the poor and not providing jobs or ways in which the impoverished people can make a living.
A third policy option would be to continue with the current policy that is in place in the United States right now. The policy in place now consists of USAID, which is a part of the State Department and USAID operates as the agency responsible for promoting social development and economic improvement (Brooks, 2011, P.542). There is also the Millennium Challenge Account, which focuses on poor countries that have a stable government and then gives money to help those poor countries get out of poverty. As of now the Millennium Challenge Act has been unsuccessful. USAID and the MCC do not involve foreign aid in military matters as humanitarian and military aid are separated due to the Foreign Assistance Act (Bristol, 2011, p.543). The positives of the foreign aid policy in place now is that the U.S. has a present in poorer countries and can intervene anytime the United States feels it is necessary. A negative aspect of the policy is the money given to foreign countries their governments tends to be very corrupt, so the intention and purpose of the money is never realized. Another...

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