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Do you guys love to watch football? If yes, have you ever been criticized for your favorite football club’s manger? For instance, you may criticize that why the manger use that tactic or formation? Why the manger always let the rubbish in the starting line-up? Let say Fernando Torres. Why the manger does not bid that football player? I believe most of the football fans have ever been criticized the mangers. Therefore, this Personal Computer Game is most suitable for you guys. It is called Football Manger 2013.
Football Manger 2013 is a football management simulation game. In ...view middle of the document...

However, there are lots of football computer games. Why I say that it is most suitable for you guys? It is because you can apply a lot of business knowledge in this game. It can practice a lot of skills. Firstly, for planning skills, just I say that before, you have to set tactic and formation by yourselves. It is because different football team have their weakness, if you can set different tactics while against with different teams, you may win all the games.
Secondly, for leading skills, you have to different ways to improve your team’s morale. Let say they have a good performance in the game, you have to commend them. On the other hand, If they underperform in the match, you can blame them to let them know that they have improvement.
Thirdly, for financing skills, although buying football stars can improve your team, your budget is limited. You have to strike a balance between these two things. For example, buy some cheaper football player to replace the football stars but still can improve your team.
To conclude, this game is not only interesting but also a learnable game. Actually, there are different ways for learning in our life. Learning can also be interesting. Thus, if you don’t love reading, just try to use other ways to learn knowledge.
Finally, if you interest with this game, just buy it and play with me, thank you.

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