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Food Inc Essay

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largest purchasers of pork, chicken, tomatoes, and apples. Though an unintentional ,this has had a large impact on the way all food is processed. The top four meat packers now control over 80% of the market, compared to the past,when the top four meat packers controled 20%

In America, whoever has the big bucks dictates how things are run. With money, there is no limit to what can be done. According the Youtube video, “Food Inc.” a perfect example of the desire for more is in the food industry. The narrator makes the argument that profit is put before the consumer’s well being, the legacy of the American farmer, workers safety, and our precious environment (Food Inc.) in many major ...view middle of the document...

He states that they were “grown half way around the world, picked when it was green and ripened with ethylene gas” (Food Inc.). This is meant to inform the audience that what they are eating isn’t what it seems. It definitely makes the viewer stop and think next time they are buying a tomato in the dead…
Have you ever wondered what's in your food? I know the average person doesn't know what goes on behind the curtain in food factories. Also most people who know about all these food documentaries won't watch them cause they will never eat food the same way. I think that animals have the right to a certain quality of life. First off they should have more room to move around instead of being so close together. Animals are also genetically changed to have more meat. I know after this essay you will agree with me.

In the movie food inc. it shows what animals are treated like in there living conditions. They don't have enough room to roam around they're just stuck there. The chickens are so crowded together they are all just stuck in a big dark room together where they can't see or move. All the cows walk around in there own waste and end up eating it on accident cause its everywhere. That's how the animals are so badly treated.

Big food companies change their animals genetics to be bigger. They make chickens twice their size and they grow to that size in half the time. By the time the chickens are grown they are so big they can barely walk they only take a few steps before they fall. At night when chickens are taken to a factory it makes it easier to catch them when they can't walk and that's one reason why companies do that. Also they change cows by feeding them corn instead of grass which is what they're supposed to eat but they are fed corn because it is cheaper.

I know lots of big food companies would say that none of these things affect your actual food. But most of it does, if these animals are stuck in their own filth then in the end all that stuff is going to get mixed in with food people eat everyday. Most people would be disgusted if they learned what food companies put theses animals through. Also people would buy from smaller companies that care about their food. The big companies simply can't win in this fight.

As you can see what these companies are doing is wrong and animals should have a right to a certain quality of life. Being stuffed in a pen with many others is cruel. Also being genetically changed is wrong to do especially with people's food. As you can see there are many reasons to step up against these companies. I hope for now on you think before you buy.
All of this is overseen by a handful of giant corporations that control the growth, processing and sale of food in this country. Take Monsanto, for example. It has a patent on a custom gene for soybeans. Its customers are forbidden to save their own soybean seed for use the following year. They have to buy new seed from Monsanto. If you...

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