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Food, Fun And Friends In France And The Southern United States Of America

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English 1101
Food, Fun and Friends in France and the Southern United States of America
Red wine, sweet tea, ice cold beer, chilled champagne, soft drinks, croissants, barbeque, fried chicken, bleu cheese, American processed cheese…all of these are symbols of good eating and drinking. Furthermore, these symbols are commonly enjoyed by two diverse and unique cultures; the French and the southerners of the United States of America. What underlying factors link these two diverse and unique cultures together? It is a common assumption that the French culture enjoys extremely rich and fattening foods, along with the fact that the French are obsessed with having a good time. It is just as ...view middle of the document...

This explains why the cultural influence is most evident in the southern regions. Another aspect that displays a similarity between the French and the Southerners of the United States of America is the characteristic of social interaction.
Although the French culture is more adamant regarding nightly family ‘sit down’ dinner, and American culture tends to enjoy their dinner on the go, it is obvious that both cultures commonly share the same desire for social interaction (Borade). Let the good times roll or Laisses Bon Temps Rouler are phrases commonly understood in France as well as the southern United States of America. These terms describe the importance of the three Fs, food, fun, and friends.
…France represents the good food, the good wine but if in France these two characteristics are so well preserved this not only for the pleasure of eating but, an all above, for the pleasure to be together. I think that the French cooking has found its place because the French culture also is social interaction…A meal is the occasion to speak with others… (France_1).
Social Interaction is defined as the process in which people act toward or respond to others (Rodgers). While social interaction is enjoyed by mostly everyone, a particular region of the south that couples social interaction with food is South Georgia. Specifically, during football season, food and social interaction are evidence in the ritual of tailgating. “Fall in the South is nothing without good food, great friends, and combining the two before the big game” (Tailgating). It is common knowledge that large football rivalry games are not complete without huge tailgating parties. This is a social interactive event that is enjoyed by southerners. During these tailgating parties, a variety of foods are shared and consumed. It has been established that the French and Southerners enjoy their food and drinks, but the contrasting diet habits between the two displays the physical effects from the consumption of rich and fattening foods.
Just as barbeque and beer has an effect on the southern Americans, cuisines, cheese, and wine encourages social interaction for the French culture. “The French culture has been recognized for the resilience of its people and aesthetic sense in cinema, cuisine, and of course, fashion. (Borade). Although both cultures consume rich and fattening foods, southern Americans tend to be more obese than the French. “The French eat all...

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