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Food From The Garden Essay

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Nothings better than food straight from the garden is this a true statement or an exaggerated statement; this paper will look at where in the community if anywhere a garden such as this would and could exist. We will explore the pros and cons of such a topic.

Community gardens have been around for hundreds of years, they were first thought of to provide relief to families of poverty and low income; they were quite often incorporated into vacant lots and land. They were created not only for production of food but also morale and skill based learning. They provide not only an area to rest and re cooperate but also a teaching area. (Hampton, 2005)

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Individual families and people that are routinely involved in the production and cultivation of their own garden or a community garden; the benefit of this has been found to enjoy a more nutritious and enjoyable diet than the non-Gardner. (Somerset, Ball, FlettGeissman.2005). It is found that self-gardeners have a greater variety and access to food home grown than non-gardeners; it is also acknowledged that community gardeners consumed significantly more vegetables than sweets when actively involved in their own gardens.

There are many a motivation for people to partake in a community garden or even their own gardens for that matter, it has been found that to provide food of a nutrious nature even on a low budget income family is beneficial to this; but not only does it lower the outgoing cost of a tightly budgeted household those found with mental or handicapped issues benefit greatly from it as well. (Armstrong, 2001). It has been found that in built up Urban areas in Australia for example a city like Sydney; it’s found that a link between good food and good health has driven a large increase in the establishment of local food production in private and community orientated gardens (Byrne,2009).

The positives of having a private garden don’t stop at being mental and physically sound in nature; but has been proven to take people to an investigative level of traditional plant cultivation. This study was conducted in a minimum security prison of Broome where it is acknowledged that they are typically from a low income household; it is acknowledged that a number of the participants in a community run program within the prison were only a generation away from that of a traditional Aboriginal life (Byrne,2009).

The area where a private garden plays a major positive role in our communities is quite evident in today’s global culture of fast food. As countries become richer and the economy tends to raise unfortunately so does the poverty of our poorer nations and populations. This is what has come to be known as the nutritions transition
( Drewnowski,2000.) As the western world begins to become more urban, and shift from the rural scene there has been a shift in diets from the high in carbohydrates and fibre and more towards the higher sugar filled diets and fats. At the same time as the shift in diets there has also been a shift in diseases; stepping away from infectious and more towards diet related for example, diabetes, obesity and heart disease to name a few. (Drewnowski, 2000).

By the implantation of a community garden into urban areas this could significantly reduce the amount of diet related illnesses. In a document produced by the LA conservation Corps titled “Community Garden start up guide” Surls discusses the best way to invigorate and start up a community garden in your area. Some of the arguments that she has stated in her guide for example the saving cost of food bills and money are well documented. Surls states...

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