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“Greater participation of Indian Industry in the food Sector is a must. Our Government will encourage public- private participation as a catalyst towards achieving Self reliance……

…... An integrated approach to building a broad base of Scientific talent, production capabilities and a long term vision are the key elements to success“.

Hon’ble Prime Minister
Dr Manmohan Singh
26 May 2010




1. The India Vision-2020 report of the Indian Planning Commission has set forth the vision of the policy makers for the country in the next ...view middle of the document...

3. Unless agricultural productivity increases, average Indian poverty statistics will not reduce. By 2050, India will reach first in world population, might also face severe food crisis. It is now high-time that we rethink our economic policies to rejuvenate the agricultural sector.

Statement of the Problem

4. This study attempts to analyze the current state of food productivity and availability in the country and suggest measures to be adopted at the policy and enforcement level to achieve self sufficiency in food for our country for the growing population in the near future.

Justification of the Study

5. Agriculture is one the primary inputs for the growth of our country because of its high share in employment and livelihood creation. A comparison of food productivity levels in India with other countries shows how low the productivity in Indian agriculture is. Nearly half the country’s population suffers from chronic under-nutrition. With the rapid rise in population, the problem becomes only more complex and cues us towards a focused attempt to explore the possibilities of increasing productivity by adopting appropriate strategies and policies which this study attempts to undertake.


6. India can satisfy her food needs from own domestic food production for the projected population estimates and achieve self sufficiency in food in the near future by adopting various measures at the policy and enforcement level.


7. To study and analyze the growth of food production and requirement in India in relation to population growth and suggest remedial measures to achieve self sufficiency in food in the near future.


8. The concept of Food Self Sufficiency is generally taken to mean the extent to which a nation can fulfill its food needs from its own domestic production. The study would concentrate basically on Food Self Sufficiency for India and not on the issue of Food Security as the two issues vary in scope and concept.

9. The study would focus on analyzing the current state of food requirement and production including growth trends in the past.. The anticipated growth of food requirement and production would be analyzed in relation to trends in population growth and comparing the same to assess if it meets the requirement...

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