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Flipping Out Gymnastics Center Essay

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Flipping Out Gymnastics Center, LLC
Emergency Procedures and Safety Plan

Effective Date: January, 2016
Purpose: To provide a safe and secure atmosphere for clients
Mission Statement: Providing a safe and fun environment through quality programs while exceeding our customer’s expectations
Approved by: Alfred Desport

1) Fire
In the event of a fire:
-Stop all activity and remain quiet.
-The supervisor/coach/director present will delegate someone to:
-telephone the emergency services stating name and position, telephone contact number, location, emergency type, unaccounted people, assistance required, and known hazards
-check bathrooms, surrounding areas, ...view middle of the document...

Examples are:
-Severe bleeding
-Compound fractures
-Head wound
-Suspected spinal injury
Procedures: Assess the situation. Call for help, and for someone to call 911. Contact the supervisor. He/she will contact parent. Remove other children from group and area. Merge groups if necessary. As soon as the situation is under control, complete and submit an Accident Report. Be sure to get the name of the victim and any witnesses.
4) Minor Injury/Non-Life Threatening
These situations may require on site first aid. Examples are:
-Muscle strains
Procedures: A non-life threatening injury may become life threatening if not handled properly. Administer first aid if necessary. Clean broken skin with antiseptic and apply bandage. Apply ice for bumps, bruises, sprains. Depending on severity of injury, contact the supervisor. He/she will contact parent. Fill out and submit an Accident Report. Be sure to get the name of the victim and any witnesses.
5) Inclement Weather
These situations require being alert to the weather conditions, and immediate response to move clients to safety. Examples are:
-Severe thunderstorm warning
-Tornado warning
-Flash flood
-Hurricane (in the event of a hurricane, we will be closing the center for evacuation until given all clear to return from Florida Emergency Management System
Procedures: When tornado or severe thunderstorm warnings are issued, gather all patrons and employees, and retreat to the Bounce room, on the lowest level. Have the children sit along the walls, staying quiet. Take flashlights in the event the electricity goes out. For flash flooding, stay on main level, and retreat to the 2nd floor gymnastics room, and again, sit along walls, staying quiet. Phone parents, if possible. Wait for danger to pass, and wait with children until parents come get them. No need for Accident Reports unless someone is hurt in the process.

Waiver and Release of Responsibility

In exchange for my child’s use of equipment and enrollment in fitness, tumbling, and gymnastics classes, I expressly agree that the company and its employees are not liable for damages arising from personal injuries (including death) sustained by my child or children in, on, or about the premises, as result of the use of equipment or facilities, regardless of whether such injuries result in whole or in part from negligence of the company. I accept and assume full responsibility for any and all injuries, damages, and losses of any type.
I agree that my child will comply with all rules imposed by the company regarding the use of facilities and equipment. My child will act in a controlled reasonable manner at all times, and if he/she is in violation of the rules, they will be asked to not come back.
I understand that use of the equipment and facility involves risk, which can result in injury or death.
I understand that the company is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen...

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