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Fixed Assets Essay

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American Cuisine

The cuisine of the United States refers to food preparation originating from the United States of America. European colonization of the Americas yielded the introduction of a number of ingredients and cooking styles to the latter. The various styles continued expanding well into the 19th and 20th centuries, proportional to the influx of immigrants from many foreign nations, it developed a rich diversity in food preparation throughout the country. Each region of the country has been affected by several cultures as well as evolved on its own..
The American cuisine is could be called a fusion cuisine, due to its many influences. Before the Europeans settled ...view middle of the document...

Another major turning point for American cuisine was the days of the "melting pot" in the early 20th century
A strong influence in American cuisine comes from the African slaves. The Americans inherited from them many foods, one of the most popular being the barbecue and its diverse deviations. Also, fritters and the increased use of vegetables show how the African culture affected the American cuisine. Among the most important techniques brought by them, some that are worth to be mentioned are: smoking meats, frying grains and legumes into fritters, boiling green vegetables with leaves and preparing hot, spicy sauces. At first, the Southern states knew the most powerful African influence, as there were the majority of the plantations on which the slaves worked. Soon after the railroads started crossing America, the African culture extended to the Northern and Western states, as the slaves that ran off the plantations were heading that way.
One of the factors that determine the specifics of a cuisine is the climate. The settlers brought elements of their cuisines, but were conditioned to alter their traditional culinary manners in order to suit the meteorological conditions. The foods that are cooked in Northeastern states are simple and substantial. These characteristics prove the English origins of the United States. At first, the meats and vegetables brought by the settlers were combined with local items like turkey, maple syrup, lobster, clams, cranberries and corn to result delectable specialties like Indian pudding, Boston brown bread and clam chowder.

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