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Five Guys And A Burger Essay

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As a food service company, Five Guys has its own strengths that could see them increase the influence it has in the world market over the other companies. First of all, it has more than seven hundred locations in forty different states and even in four Canadian Provinces (Weise, 2011). An extensive network of a business and its operations is strength in accordance to what their competitors present. They offer a wide variety of foods and drinks in regard of their competitors. Moreover, funny ...view middle of the document...

The information they provide on the type of foods they produce is equally strength for the company.
Five Guys’ Weaknesses
All businesses have their strengths and weaknesses. In order to survive and be successful, business should try as much as hard to ensure that their strengths are more than their weaknesses. This increases the chances of succeeding. In the context of Five Guys, the company seems to concentrate more on the production of fries and burgers maximally in disrespect to other kinds of food services (Weise, 2011). For instance, fries are considered to be a health hazard given the amount of fats it increases to the body. Hence, the company should also increase the provision of other types of foods in line with the burgers and fries.
Opportunities for Five Guys
While engaging in business activities, one should be able to discover the opportunities in the macro and micro environment that need to be exploited. This in one way or another improves on the chances of the business prospering and prospering as no opportunity is left to chance. Five Guys have ready markets which are available for development. They are aimed at establishing more of their branches in different parts of the world. This is an opportunity that needs to be exploited as expansion and development is the only way out for a company which wishes to succeed and prosper especially...

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