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Fitness In The Public Services Essay

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DRAFT Model Assignment
Issued September 2010
OCR Level 3 Nationals in Public Services
Unit 15: Physical Fitness for Public Services

The scheme codes for these qualifications are:

OCR Level 3 National Introductory Diploma in Public Services 0XXX

OCR Level 3 National Diploma in Public Services 0XXX

OCR Level 3 National Extended Diploma in Public Services 0XXX

The Ofqual Unit Number for this unit is:

Unit 15: Physical Fitness for Public Services X/XXX/XXXX

This OCR model assignment remains live for the life of these qualifications.

Please note:

This OCR model assignment may be used to provide ...view middle of the document...

| |
|Scenario |6 |
|This section contains the scenario which candidates will need to be familiar with in order to complete the tasks. | |
|Tasks |7 - 10 |
|This section contains all the tasks candidates must complete before submission for assessment. | |
|Candidate checklist |11 - 13 |
|This checklist is provided to assist candidates in ensuring that they have completed and submitted evidence for | |
|all tasks. | |
| | |
|Guidance for centres | |
|This section provides general guidance to centre staff on the preparation and completion of the assignment. | |
|Notes for tutors |18 - 20 |
|This section provides additional guidance and support to centre staff for each task. It is not intended for use | |
|by candidates. | |

Model Assignment: Candidate Information
OCR Level 3 Nationals in Public Services
Unit 15: Physical Fitness for Public Services


General Information for Candidates

Q Do I have to pass this assignment?

A Yes. You must pass this assignment to achieve the full qualification.

Q What help will I get?

A Your tutor will help you when completing the OCR model assignment and will make sure that you know what resources/facilities you need and are allowed to use.

Q What if I don’t understand something?

A It is your responsibility to read the assignment carefully and make sure you understand what you need to do and what you...

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