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Fishdance Restaurant Case Study

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Case Study – Fishdance Restaurant
Describe how the architect has ordered form, materials, light and space to create a particular and memorable place. Identify ideas and strategies used to order form, materials, space, light and relationship to surrounding environment. |
The following essay will proceed to show an analytical exploration of architecture as seen in Frank Gehry’s Fishdance Restaurant and to explain the underlying and underpinning style and appearance of Gehry’s built work through the identification of space, form, order, materials and the relationship between the built work and its surrounding environment to create Gehry’s memorable place.
Walking through Merikan Park in Hyogo Prefecture in Japan, eyes are drawn to a behemoth of a fish sculpture. This sculpture is part of a three part fish village, Fishdance Restaurant, designed by Frank Gehry in ...view middle of the document...

Figure 1 shows the design process and development that the three-piece Fishdance Village went through to be developed.

Figure 1: Gehry's of the Fishdance Restaurant in Kobe, Japan
Fishdance Restaurant is made of three components, but yet despite these separate territories, both the separation and linkage work simultaneously together create a harmonious space. In Figure 2), it is clear to see the transitional space between the three buildings linked physically by the public garden. Gehry has produced an asymmetrical structure that is still ordered in how it functions, a form follows function. The juxtaposition of the built work and the hierarchy of the fish sculpture exaggerate the space and give a sense of drama to the landscape. However to fully understand the basic elements and the features of the built work, it would be easier to separate the village into its three parts: the café, the sculpture and the snake.

Figure 2: Site Plan of Fishdance Restaurant depicting the transitional space in red (Created by Author)
The Café

The Fish

The Snake

Despite Frank Gehry deeming this project a failure, the Fishdance Restaurant is a popular


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