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First Year Of College Essay

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So far my community college experience has been the pretty interesting. I have enjoyed the freedom, my coursework, and all the new friends I’ve made. When I first started college, I wasn’t excited at all. I just knew that the work wasn’t going to be as difficult as a university and I basically saw the whole idea as a joke. I see now that everything I thought about the school was just a simple minded. Not only is this the same environment as a university but they have the same type of activities as well. I have not a doubt in my mind that ...view middle of the document...

When you miss a class, nobody is going to call your mother or give her an update on how your classes are going. As a matter of fact, I soon found out that your parents aren’t even allowed access to your grades unless granted permission by you. I believe this is right around the time I started loving college life. If you party all night and don’t feel like going to class the next day, you don’t have to, but it is still your responsibility to get your work. This has bought me to my next subject, responsibility. Unlike high school, teachers do not care if you pass or fail, they do not care if you don’t come to class, or about your excuses on why your work isn’t done. Nobody is there to babysit you anymore, everything becomes real. That’s when I realized that this was finally real life.
This past semester was especially interesting. I did decent in my classes, though I wish I had done better. I had to drop a class due to transportation issues, and am going to retake a class to improve upon its grade. Though I dropped it, I did not stop working at the class. To make up for it I enlisted in a tutoring class, so that I would be ready for it again.
Overall I enjoyed my first year of college. And am ready to tackle my next year now that I know how this college thing works.

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