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First Line Management Essay

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I am writing about my former company, Avery Dennison Office Products UK, manufacturers, marketers, and distributors of Avery branded, and own brand products.

The route to market is complex as there are many distribution levels involved. The route consists of selling to distributors, wholesaler, retailers, superstores, mail order companies, dealers, and contract stationers. They all continue to sell to their customers, and the end users. We also exported goods to inter-companies of Avery Office Products, all over the world.

Losing one wholesaler, through poor service, would have a massive impact, and cost the company tens of thousands of pounds.

Avery produced own brand products for ...view middle of the document...

This framework balances the legitimate needs of organisations to collect and use personal data for business and other purposes against the right of individuals to respect for the privacy of their personal details.

The main commitment to customers was though the quality of product and service standards they set themselves as a company, which included:

ISO 9001:2000, which is the globally accepted standard for providing assurance about the quality of goods and services in supplier-customer relationships.

The CE Mark indicates that a product meets European safety, health, and environmental requirements.

Avery employs a highly efficient system of manufacturing, accredited with BS 5750, which goes hand in hand with the company's commitment to provide next day service to the customer

As a best practise company, Avery will ensure that customer satisfaction always appears as a key corporate objective.

Avery has a guarantee on all jam-free labels, so if any labels do get jammed in the printer they will be replaced free of charge.

By supporting the FSC, (Forest Stewardship Council), Avery can ensure that only well managed forests are used to provide paper for their products. Avery runs campaigns based upon replanting trees on behalf of our customers, to maintain its ethical values.

Leading the way in innovation, Avery launched a free phone consumer centre, the first of its kind in the office products industry. Customers can phone or email the centre, and all of their questions and concerns regarding Avery products can be answered by a very dedicated team of professionals with years of experience and specialist product knowledge.

Avery offered all customers or potential customers, free samples, and downloads, to make the whole experience of dealing with Avery as simple as possible.

They also had their software added to Microsoft, HP and all the major printer manufacturers, to make their products accessible and easy to use on all major software and hardware.

The manager’s responsibilities in relation to customer service

Managers should be the driving force behind the customer service culture of any company.

At Avery, they were leaders, as well as managers, and were, hands-on role models, leading the way.

They were critical in directing process improvements, coaching team members, setting objectives, and ensuring that these were carried out.

It was their responsibility to make sure that the customer service strategy was in alignment with the company’s vision and mission.

Avery’s mission statement is:

To be the world leader in products, services and solutions, that enable and transform the way consumers and businesses gather, manage, distribute, and communicate information.

This was at the forefront of Avery’s culture, and was a very strong motivational statement for employees.

It was also a strong marketing and branding tool to customers.

Avery’s 6 core values are:

Integrity – Teamwork – Service...

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