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First Fridays Essay

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First Friday

People are everywhere! The streets are crawling with people, far too many for the sidewalks to hold. Everyone’s attention span is so weak. It seems every step there is something new drawing them in, far different from what they last saw. Never before have I seen such a vast assembly of odd and interesting things.
First Friday is called an art walk, but it's more like an an art festival. It's held every first Friday of the month in Downtown Phoenix. For four blocks, the streets are lined with booths. The booths hold paintings, jewelry and every kind of art imaginable. No one booth is alike; each is just as different as its creator. The old bungalow houses that own these ...view middle of the document...

He dances on his feet like there’s a strobe light above him, concealing some of his movements. Then, he hits the ground and spins like a top, only to pop back up and dance some more. There are several of these dancers, each taking turns showing off their best moves in the center of the circle. The crowd seems to be enjoying it, and as the dancers do something very difficult, I hear “ooh”s from the crowd.
While walking down the street, I see another one of these masses. These people were gathered tightly around one little stage. This stage held a performance that was vastly different from the break dancing. There is a banner above the stage that reads: “Strange Family Circus”. The man on stage is a short Caucasian man, but he has darkness about him. His small curled mustache and red and black striped clothing reminds me of someone evil. He introduces himself and his wife and children who will be helping him with his act. He starts by uncovering a pile of broken glass on the back of the stage. Then, after getting the crowd pumped up, he places the microphone in the glass. The crowd cringes as he places his first foot in the glass with a crunch. Then, the other, crunch. As if that was not enough, he stands on his chair and jumps, hurling his feet into the broken glass with a sickening sound. The crowd was filled with looks of shock and pain. The performer...

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