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Finding The Plane Crash In The Andes (Alive)

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On one of my many expeditions with 4 of my closest friends to the Andes, I had lost my amazing, waterproof camera in the snow. Once I realized it wasn’t in my bad, I suited back up and set off in search of it. It was early afternoon, and contrary to the forecast I had listened to, it was extremely foggy. Suddenly, I heard the noise of a plane. I looked around to see one flying unusually low. I ...view middle of the document...

There was a huge crash and now the plane was spinning downwards without its right wing and tail, both plummeting to the ground below. As the plane hit another mountain top, its other wing broke away. My whole body shook as I watched the wreck take place. Things were flying out of the back of the plane, and I was sickened as I realized there were people hurtling out of there. Even at the speed it was falling at, I managed to see that the plane was Uruguayan. I cringed as I thought of the people inside the plane that was charging toward the ground. With an ear-splitting sound, the plane hit snow, in a valley a ways away from where I was crouching, in complete shock. I could smell smoke and burning all the way from my vantage point. My hands were still shaking as I gathered my supplies. I looked around for the camera I had come for and spotted it. After hearing nothing but absolute silence for a whole two minutes, I started to hear yelling and screaming. The cries for help got louder, as more people came to the realization that they were stranded. All I could hear was the pain of those passengers.

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