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Finding The One (Destiny Vs Choice)

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TOPIC: For you, is finding the right spouse (partner/bf/gf/etc) a matter of choice or destiny?

I’ve once heard about this quote that goes: “Your destiny is not written on a rock. It is you who create it”. The brilliant Sir Isaac Newton stated that “in every action, there is an equal reaction”. And I believe that the Roman Catholic religion taught us that God gave man this gift called “freewill”. Of these three instances, all seemed to be pointing out that what we are right now, and what we are to be, depends on our CHOICES.

In this cliché, finding-the-right-person, case scenario, I don’t think it’s any different. People often believe that the right person is the one “destined” ...view middle of the document...

The girl may have found the right person… possibly the right spouse, but she chose not to end up with that certain someone. Their relationship started and ended with decisions and choices. As a matter of fact, relationships do depend on that.

Now, some might say that destiny is God’s plan and intention. However, my question is that: wouldn’t that contradict the evident fact of freewill? “All things happen for a reason”. And I don’t find “destiny” to be a reason for that… in fact, I find it as an excuse. An excuse to expect things to happen rather than making them happen. But then again, everything would go down to your choice – whether you succumb in fatality or otherwise. Besides, if that was the case, then does that mean those people who are in a lifetime imprisonment, or even those who successfully committed suicide, which we know is a great sin against God, destined to be like that? No. It was clearly their choice to do that.

Another story I have is about a couple who has this 7-year age gap. The girl got pregnant at a very young age, and so, marriage was also done at an early time. Like what people are most likely to agree, there are indeed flaws in this kind of relationship. However, they both managed to work it out until this very second, and they have 4 children gradually working their way to independence. It may be the typical story of having to marry because of pregnancy, but it’s not wholly like that. It’s a story about choice. And it’s the story of my parents.

Now, when I mentioned it was a story about choice, I was referring to the fact that they were both aware of the age gap they have, but still chose to disregard it. I mean, a lot of people would be age conscious despite the saying “Age doesn’t matter”. And bottom...

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