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Financing Essay

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In the 21st century many organizations have decided to trust the effectiveness of work teams since as the definition characterizes a work team is a group whose individual efforts result in performance that is greater than the sum of the individual inputs. Thus, a company has the chance to produce greater output without adding more inputs. This sounds ideal, of course, since all companies in our days are threaten be the economic recession. This definition, however, is referring to effective work teams, and not to just any team.
In our case, the construction company named Habos has been assigned a new project dealing with building a new mall in the subsidiaries of Athens. As it is understood, ...view middle of the document...

It has been observed that members where experiencing less job satisfaction, or even greater job dissatisfaction, working in this team compared to working as individuals. This of course can lead to inertia of the team and the overall performance will not be as high as possible to accomplish the project.
There can be several problems leading to such reactions. Diversity and complexity are not that easy to be handled. The employees were used to work in a certain environment with certain people and suddenly they have been asked to work differently, with different coworkers, to have a different manager and so on. Such drastic change in organization, if not implemented correctly can lead to great resistance and fear on behalf of the employees.
Diversity in the team members seems to be a factor that the team can actually benefit from since new ideas, perspectives, and innovation will rise. This however to happen needs time. Diversity in the begging though can be an obstacle since members do not feel comfortable to share their different ideas with each other, and thus they do not communicate important information.
Next the abilities of the employees constructing the team are a great factor as well. Not having people with the appropriate skills in the team can lead to an inefficient team. A team requires different types of skills, such as: technical expertise skills, problem-solving skills, decision-making skills, and interpersonal skills. There in no team that can become successful if it lacks some of the above skills. Of course, the members’ personality can be the problem in our case as well.
In addition, maybe the reason why the work team of our case is not successful is due to inefficient allocation of roles. In order a team to become successful, members need to play certain roles. Of course, since we are referring to teams, perhaps one team member can play multiple roles. If the roles are not assigned correctly, then the performance of the work team will not be at its potential level.
Another issue that might be the reason of our problem is the size of the team. Generally, a good team is constructed from about five to nine members. In our case the work team has far more members due to the size complexity of the project. This excess number of team members can lead to increased social loafing, declined mutual accountability, and decreased efficiency in communication.
Continuing on the same path, process variables can determine the triumph or failure of a work team. Maybe our work team features signs of a problematic work team due to lack of imposing and communicating to the members a common plan and purpose with specific goals. Or there might no team efficacy with at all confidence in the team’s future.
Last but not least, another concern that can be the key problem for the team in Habos’ case is the work design. Skill variety, task identity, and task significance are work design traits that rise members responsibility and tenure...

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