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Financial Statement Essay

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LSPCA -- Analysis Phase Parts 1-3
The LSPCA operates an animal shelter. They need changes to the information system for
tracking adoptions and the spay/neuter records of the adopted animals. Members who
adopt an animal must pay in advance for the future spay/neuter of their pet and are sent a
reminder when the animal reaches puberty. Certain members were getting reminders after
they had already taken the pet to a veterinarian for the operation and there were other
members who had never been sent a reminder. Along with the adoption papers, the
members are given a paper form which is to be filled in by the veterinarian when the spay
or neuter operation is completed. When the form is returned to LSPCA by the
veterinarian, payment is remitted to the veterinarian. Members are asked to send in a
change of address notification when they move.
Part 1 Requirements Checklist
List what the above scenario tells you about requirements for the ...view middle of the document...

Part 3 Diagrams
1. Prepare an FDD showing the hierarchy among the processes you identified in Part
1 above.
2. Prepare a Context Diagram for the Adoptions Spay/Neuter System. It will include
all inputs and outputs you identified in Part 1 above, along with external entities.
3. Prepare Diagram 0 for the system.
4. Will your diagram 0 change if we implement a process of sending a second
reminder if the operation is not performed within 6 weeks of the first reminder?
5. Do you have any suggestions as to how to improve the system?


LSPCA -- Analysis Phase – Parts 4 and 5
Part 4 Data Dictionary and Process Descriptions
Based on your DFDs, prepare the following data dictionary entries:

data store




data element (3)

Animal Date of Birth,
Animal Name, and
Animal Type

data flow

Animal_Info (this data flow goes from the data store Animal to
the process Adoption.)

external entity



Send Reminders, including two versions of the process
description using any two of the four methods described in the

Ask your instructor where to get sample forms to use to create your DD entries.

Part 5 Development Strategies
What would be the advantages for LSPCA of using a web-based solution?
Three options have been identified. For each option, carry out payback, ROI and NPV
analysis. Then make a recommendation.
 customizing some animal shelter software developed in England. Acquisition cost
will be $20,000. Add $15,000 to customize the software. Staff savings will be
$1000 a month for the five-year life of the system.
 Using a cloud-based solution, up-front training costs will be $1000, the monthly
costs will be $500; staff savings will be $700 a month. This can be accessed from
anywhere, not just inside the shelter.
 Custom-developing software will cost $40,000, with annual maintenance fees of
$500. Staff savings will be $1150 a month.
Assume a five-year lifespan for the new system.


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