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Financial Management Discussion Week 7 Essay

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Q13-7. What is a debenture? Why do you think that this is the most common form of corporate bond in the United States? Is it is much less commonly used elsewhere?

A13-7. Corporations issue bonds to raise money to expand their businesses, cover operating costs, or finance corporate takeovers or reorganizations. Corporate bonds are debt obligations issued by corporations. Corporate bonds may be either secured or unsecured. Debentures are unsecured bonds, which means that bondholders have nothing but the corporation's promise that interest payments will be made on time, or made at all. This promise is often called "full faith and credit." Debentures are not backed by equipment, securities ...view middle of the document...

Other companies are so successful and established that debenture-holders can trust them to repay their debts with future revenue, leaving specific assets free for financing in the future. The US government is the biggest issuer of debentures. By contrast, in other regions of the world, companies usually issue secured debentures.

Q14-10. Why do firms with more-diverse shareholder bases typically pay higher dividends than private firms or public firms with more concentrated ownership structures? How are fixed dividends used as a bonding (commitment) mechanism by managers of firms with dispersed ownership structures and large amounts of free cash flow?

A14-10. An agency cost is an economic concept that relates to the cost incurred by an entity (such as organizations) associated with problems such as divergent management-shareholder objectives and information asymmetry. The agency cost/contracting model assumes that dividend payments arise as an attempt to overcome the agency problems that result when there is a separation of corporate ownership and control. In privately held companies with tight ownership coalitions, there is little or no separation between ownership and control. Because agency problems in these firms are minimal,...

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