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Financial Essay

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Reading Questions: (Answer at least two questions)

How does Brookfield define the notion of critical thinking? What are specific tools and techniques Brookfield presents to help uncover and check assumptions and biases in the classroom?

After reading Teaching for Critical Thinking by Brookfield, I noticed that Brookfield chose to define critical thinking as primarily a way of living that helps oneself stay intact despite who other people, organizations and communities try to get you to act in ways that serve to benefit their own individual needs and demands. In a sense it is seen as a “survival necessity.” Brookfield draws parallels to how critical thinking can be both in and ...view middle of the document...

The third step (seeing things from different viewpoints) is to consider multiple perspectives. To do this, we should try to see our actions as others might perceive them, because the reality is that oftentimes we assume that the people around us understand our same exact motivations for doing certain things. The fourth step is taking informed action, which is the whole point of critical thinking. If we can explain our choices by providing concrete evidence for each – not including “nonsensical evidence” such as “because this trusted person said so” – we will be one step closer to our goal. Moreover, an important element of critical thinking is understanding and recognizing the conditions in place when we make assumptions; this plays a major role in determining whether they are “contextually appropriate,” rather than simply right or wrong.
2. In the Duncan-Andrade, he identifies three forms of “false hope” that are promoted in many urban schools. What are they? How does the author specifically allude to this notion of "critical hope" and how it can be generated and sustained in educational practices?
The three types of false hope that are oftentimes perpetuated in many urban schools are hokey hope, mythical hope, and hope deferred. Hokey hope is about “ignoring the laundry list of inequities that impact the lives of...

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