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Finances Essay

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• How does a personal cash flow statement help you organize your finances?
o It helps me organize my finances by being able to see where my money is going. By being able to see where my money is going I can better budget my money. I can better save my money so if anything shall happen know that I got the safety net of ...view middle of the document...

There was many times I got myself saying “gosh I’m broke where in the world did my money go too?” I no longer will be able to say I don’t know where my money went to because I can look back onto this worksheet and see exactly where my money went too. I will know how to budget my money better so I know how I will be able to support my family better.

• Did this worksheet provide you with any ideas about how you may want to change your budget (how much you are spending, saving, or reducing your debt)?
o It gave me a better idea on how much some of the things I spend could really be. It did show me an idea or two where I could cut cost and where those other cost could be going to.

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