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Finance Notes Essay

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-Cash flows from owning a share of stock come in the form of future dividends
-Zero growth
-Share of common stock with a constant dividend
-Constant Growth
-dividend grows at a steady rate
-Dividend growth model
-model that determines the current price of a stock by its dividend next period divided by discount rate minus the dividend growth rate
-If the growth rate is bigger than the discount rate, then the present value of the dividend gets bigger and bigger
-Nonconstant growth
-allows ...view middle of the document...

-grant of authority granted by a shareholder allowing another individual to vote that shareholders shares
-Other rights
-right to share proportionally in dividends paid
-right to share proportionally in assets remaining after liabilities have been paid in liquidation.
-Right to vote on stockholder matters of great importance
Preferred stock
-has preference over common stock in the payment of dividends
-Preferred stock is a form of equity from a legal and tax standpoint.
-Has a fixed dividend
-The Stock Markets
-consists of primary and secondary markets
-Primary markets- shares of stock are first brought to the market and sold to investors.
-secondary-shares are traded among investors
-agent who buys and sells securities from inventory
-agent who arranges security transactions among investors
-the business of NYSE is to attract and process order flow (flow of customer orders to buy and sell stocks)
-successful in attracting order flow
-Another big stock market in the U.S.
-Bigger than NYSE
-computer network of securities dealers who disseminate timely security price quotes to its subscribers

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