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The average person does not go to work expecting to have big brother looking over their shoulder when they are using their computer. In this day and age the monitoring of computer usage has become more prevalent than it was in the past. As a computer user you have access to more resources on many computers that are just a few mouse clicks away. With your computer at work you can send emails to the four corners of the earth. Today, you can use the World Wide Web to get look at just about anything you can imagine. This includes pictures, sounds, and video. The desktop computer has become a very powerful tool in today’s workplace. There are downsides to this power too. Because of these ...view middle of the document...

Being able to send an electronic mail to almost anywhere in the world almost instantaneously is a very powerful ability that computers are used for. Because of the fact that the Internet is international, legislation and enforcement activities on the Internet are underdeveloped in nearly all countries (Everett, Wong, Paynter 2004-2005). Because of this organizations are able to collect personal information about other people. Most people do not understand the ramifications of their personal information being stolen from email messages. Is monitoring your email activities an invasion of privacy rights in the workplace. Is monitoring your email activities a good move for the employers to keep their business secure? Privacy is defined as “a way of drawing the line at how far society can intrude into a person’s affairs” (Everett, Wong, Paynter 2004-2005). “The 2004 Digital Future Report indicated that of U.S. workers who have Internet access at work, 85.9 percent used it for work-related e-mail and 63.5 percent for personal e-mail.” (Everett, Wong, Paynter 2004-2005). United States courts have limited rights to be protected from intrusion into their private affairs. On the opposite side of the coin employers are lawfully bound to keep a harassment and drug free workplace and that requires some level of monitoring. Emails sent from employer’s computers are considered property of the employer. Many companies are using systems that filter in coming emails and remove emails that would be considered spam. Sometimes these filters have been known to block emails that employees wanted to get. Employers are limiting the size of attachments that emails are allowed to send as well. This is to help prevent overload of the company’s email system. It could however prevent you from sending a large file as an attachment to your email message that you want to send. I remember from my personal experiences on the job an employee who was sending out inappropriate emails from his desktop computer. This person was trying to solicit sex from young boys. One of the tools he was using to accomplish this task was the company email system. He was caught by my co-worker who was instructed to watch the logs of Internet emails that were passing through the...

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