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Final Exam Essay 305

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Final Take Home Exam
Lanie Ahlman
Minnesota State University, Mankato
Dr. Christine-Black Hughes
SOWK 305: Human Behavior in Social Work Practice
May 2nd, 2014

Lanie Ahlman- Age 7, 3rd of 4 children, Caucasian, lives with parents, in 2nd grade, Medford Elementary School, grades are falling behind

Brenda Ahlman- Mother of 4 children, Caucasian Married for 25 years, lives on a pig farm outside of Medford MN, Middle class family, works in Owatonna at Central Valley Cooperation,

Scott Ahlman- Father of 4 children, Caucasian Married for 25 years, lives on a pig farm outside of Medford MN, Middle class Family, works In Medford at a block plant,

Luke Ahlman- Oldest of 4 ...view middle of the document...

Lanie has become a caregiver to her younger sister, because Brenda is not able to be around as much. Lanie feels she needs to be more responsible and help out her parents by doing chores around the house and taking care of her younger sister.
Lanie is 7 years old, just beginning the fourth stage of Erickson’s developmental stages; industry versus inferiority, “I am what I learn”. Lanie has showing industry by self-motivation with helping her family. Although she is self-motivated to help at home, she has lost motivation in school and has begun to fall behind the students in her class. At this stage in development friends and peers present social relationships, well Lanie has grown away from her friends at school and has only focused on her family life. Lanie’s teacher has notice the change in her grades and social skills within the classroom. The school social worker was asked to speak with her and her family, in order to help Lanie get back on track with the rest of her classmates.
The practitioner asks Lanie questions to about her school and family life, Lanie then gives her life review and tells the worker about the changes within her family life. Lanie states that she does not have time to hang out with her friends, and would rather be helping her dad or visiting her sister. Lanie also tells us that, she is not doing the best in school because she does not have time to do her homework and when she does attempt to do the homework, it is difficult. She states that she is very shy and feels uncomfortable asking people other then her mom for help. Erickson’s psychosocial theory “suggests that there are three social drives; a need for attention, a need for competence, and a need for order in life’s affairs.” This theoretical approach studies concerns of growth and development across the life cycle as an effect of the personality and interaction with others.
After speaking with Lanie and her Family the social worker suggests Lanie is showing the need for attention within her family. Lanie needs to develop industry, in order to show eagerness for building social skills and showing self- motivation towards her schoolwork. Childhood play is a central factor during this phase of development; Erikson says that modern play therapy follows the patter of a naturally self-healing process. Lanie was given an IEP and is given extra help with her schoolwork by the assistant teacher. The school also was willing to help out the family and allow both Lanie and Logan to stay after school at Tiger Town for free, giving Lanie more time to play with kids from school
When referring to systems theory, the supra system in this case would be the Medford Public School system as well as the community as a whole. The school is a main contributor in Lanie’s case, because she is unable to reach out to her peers and is incapable of doing her schoolwork to keep up with her classmates. The community in Lanie’s life involves school, neighborhood, peers, and the...

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