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Environmental factors can affect the way a company conducts business. Adidas is not exempt from environmental factors internationally and domestically. The following paper will help readers to understand economic interdependence, importance of demographic and physical infrastructures, and cultural differences. Also the social responsibility verses legal obligations, political systems on international relations will be covered in the paper.
Economic independence as pertaining to Adidas is important because without economic independence global outreach would not happen. Economic independence will help Adidas to continue to produce quality products that can be sold either in the Untied ...view middle of the document...

As far there being a cultural difference, Adidas does not have to worry because, sports apparel is known all over the world in different types of sports. Adidas has done a nice job of appealing to all sports that require equipment.
Social responsibility and ethics need to be compliant with legal obligations. Sometimes these combinations can counter each other and destroy what the company has built. Social responsibility goes hand-in-hand with ethics, which is why Adidas needs to be careful how both are handled on an everyday basis. Following the legal obligations in the correct order will help to make sure that Adidas is acting accordingly with all regulations. Being popular in the market does not come from a sport line or apparel. Popularity in the market place means doing the right thing every time and making right decisions. The right choice is something that each person in the company needs to be aware of each day with every decision. Adidas has made an attempt to make the right choices to ensure the organization stays on the top of the chart for product selection.
Political systems and the influence of international relations has not only encouraged international trade but also enhanced the ability to import and export products. Adidas has been able to capitalize on international relations to make sure products are available all over the world. Local and national regulations has made trading possible for Adidas...

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